The Waterloo Rowing Cub offers rowing opportunities for everyone -- from those with no experience but interest in trying out rowing to the experienced rower eager for a chance to join a competitive crew. 


The introductory set of lessons consist of eight hours of instruction, about half the time spent in a boat. By the end you will be rowing as part of a crew of four with a coxswain (sweep rowing). An introduction is also given to rowing a single shell with two oars (sculling). The lessons are presented either in two four hour sessions (on Saturdays) or in four two hour sessions (on evenings). Lessons are usually offered in late spring and throughout the summer as the interest warrants.  Club members with extensive rowing and competitive experience are instructors.

See Membership for more details and cost.


Rowers in their first year of rowing are considered Novices. In regattas there are a special class of novice races. On completion of lessons, participants are organized into crews to continue practicing and further develop their skills. Fall head races offer chances for novices to try competition.


Most members of the Waterloo Rowing Club become members of a four person crew for regular rowing, usually twice a week. Others row less regularly as a fill in for a crew member as necessary. After gaining some experience in rowing, some learn how to fill the role of coxswain in directing a crew. The Waterloo Rowing Club also has some shells which members can use for sculling. Members also store privately owned shells at the boathouse.


Each year about 10 races are held in the Midwest, four in Iowa - at Waterloo, Des Moines, Quad Cities and Iowa City. The Waterloo Rowing Club is well represented at these by several boats and five to ten rowers. Club members also take part in several more distant regattas, both as individual and in crews. Members have competed in several national events such as the Head of the Charles and the National Masters Regatta.

See News & Schedule for details on dates for the year ahead and plans for entries.


The Waterloo Rowing Club holds membership meetings on the third Monday of the month, every month from April to October and in December and February. The Board of Directors meets on the second Monday of the month throughout the year. The Club also schedule work days when members help with maintenance and clean up of the boathouse. Social events are also organized.

See News & Schedule for dates and places of upcoming meetings and other events.


The Waterloo Rowing Club holds one regatta each year in the Waterloo-Cedar Falls area to which it invites clubs from around the Midwest. In 2004 the event will be June 12, at George Wyth Lake in George Wyth State Park.  It will be a  short 1000 meter race with events for juniors, novices, masters, open, and recreational class rowers.

See News & Schedule for more information on the plans as well as procedure for registering

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