The Waterloo Rowing Club is based in the boating center in Cedar River Park, Waterloo. The facility is owned by the city of Waterloo, under the authority of the department of Leisure Services, which gives the rowing club permission to store boats and equipment for their activities. The boathouse is large enough for large shell storage and is convenient to a dock for launching.


The road to the boating center, parking lot and boat ramp branches south off Park Road, about 300 yards west of Fairview Ave (south of Fairview Cemetery).  Click for a map of the area around the boathouse and links to other related maps.

The Cedar River can be rowed from the Waterloo Recreation Center (about one half mile downstream of the boating center) to the Cedar Falls dam (about seven miles upstream).   Most of the rowing is done between the First Street bridge in Waterloo and the Highway 218 bridge next to George Wyth Park. The Waterloo Rowing Club owns:


Limited rack space for privately-owned boats is available for Waterloo Rowing club members.

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