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Lost Towns of Black Hawk County

  • Barclay
    Laid out in 1854, Barclay was once a prosperous town, but its prosperity dwindled when the Illinois Central built its railroad three miles to the south. The town was discontinued in 1890.
  • Benson
    Established in 1896, Benson was located near CedarFalls. It lasted only until 1907, when it was discontinued.
  • Blakeville
    Located in the northeast corner of Bennington Township, the town existed from 1856 - 1901.

  • Blessing
    Blessing was in existence for only a few short years, from 1894 - 1902.

  • Boies
    Boies was in existence from 1894 - 1902.
  • Brooklyn
    Located on the Benton - Black Hawk County line in Spring Creek township, Brooklyn was surveyed, but not built up.
  • Calvin
    In the northeastern part of Orange Township. Calvin was in existence from 1895 - 1900.
  • Canfield
    Located in Barclay township, Canfield was the home of a post office from 1889 to 1893.
  • Cedar Valley
    Originally near Washburn, Cedar Valley was established in 1856, and discontinued in 1883.
  • Crain Creek
    In Northeastern Bennington township, Crain Creek existed from 1893 - 1905.
  • Edwards
    Located in Eastern Bennington township, Edwards had a post office from 1893 to 1900.

  • Eliza
    Eliza was located in South Cedar Township from 1852 -1856.
  • Emert
    Platted in 1880, Emert is the original name of Dewar.
  • Energy
    Located in Southeastern Fox Township, Energy had a post office from 1861 - 1863.
  • Enterprise
    Enterprise was located in western Spring Creek Township, and had an active post office from 1853 - 1892.
  • Filkin's Grove
    Operating a post office for only a few months in 1858, Filkin's Grove's location is not on any maps of the period.
  • Florence City
    Florence City was once located on the Cedar River in Spring Creek township.
  • Frenchtown
    Frenchtown was a name used in 1856 for the present town of Gilbertville.
  • Greenville
    Greenville was a short-lived town in Spring Creek Township.
  • Gresham
    Gresham was once located in Bennington township, and had a post office from 1885 - 1889.
  • Hicks
    Hicks was a short-lived town, in existence from 1902 -1903.
  • Jubilee
    Jubilee had a post office from 1881 - 1910, and was located in Southwestern Fox Township.

    Drawing of the Jubilee Consolidated School contributed by Scott Voelschow.
  • Knox
    Like Frenchtown, Knox was a name once used for the present town of Gilbertville.
  • Lester
    Located in the southwestern part of Lester township, Lester had a post office from 1856 -1885.
  • Louise
    Louise was located in southwestern Big Creek Township, and had a post office from 1893 - 1900.
  • Miller's Creek
    The home of a post office from 1870 -1875, Miller's Creek was located in the southwestern part of Eagle Township.
  • Mount Hope
    Established in 1889, this town was only in existence for six months.

  • Mullarky's Grove
    Once the original name of Raymond, Mullarky's Grove had a post office from 1858 -1861.
  • Nantville
    Having a post office from 1851 - 1875, Nantville was once located in Mount Vernon township.
  • Nautrill
    Once located near Denver, this town was in existence from 1851 to 1858.
  • Ottawa
    Platted in 1854, Ottawa was located just northwest and adjacent to the present town of La Porte City. It was eventually absorbed into La Porte City.
  • Stella
    In existence for a little over a year, Stella had a post office from 1885 - 1887.
  • Sturges Rapids
    Once located in northeastern Lester township, the town was shown on maps of the 1862 - 1868 period.
  • Warren
    A plat was filed for Warren in 1855, but the town never appeared.
  • Winslow
    Once located near Finchford, Winslow had a post office from 1880 - 1893.
If you have more information about "lost towns" in and around Black Hawk County please let us know. You can contact us through the guestbook or by e-mail to the webmaster. Thank you. we look forward to hearing from you.

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