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La Porte City Hall


La Porte City
202 Main Street

The La Porte City Hall was built in 1912 and originally served as the depot for the Waterloo, Cedar Falls and Northern (WCF&N) Interurban Railroad. The line ran from Waterloo to Cedar Rapids and was in operation until 1945.

The WCF&Nwas often the only daily link that small communities such as La Porte City had to larger towns. The short trip into Waterloo was known as the "puddle jumper, and it brought residents of the small farming towns into contact with big city schools, businesses and ways of life.

When the line ceased to operate, the La Porte depot became the home of the town's public library. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1977 and an effort was begun to restore the building to its earlier role as a central public building.

The depot was subsequently renovated by La Porte City for use as its city hall. It was dedicated for this purpose in 1982. The library has been moved but all other city offices are now located here.

Of special note in the building is the cathedral ceiling, with the original wooded beams. Also significant is a model of an interurban railroad car, paintings by local artist Mayme Gill that show the depot in its original state, and a picture of the steel bridge which stood just to the north of the building.

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