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John Raab was an early Cedar Falls craftsman, the descendent of a long line of Silesian artisans. At this site, Raab operated a business that became popularly known as "The Old Pottery Shop." It acquired a national reputation for the quality of the items produced here. Most of Raab's original line consisted of household wares, water jugs, drain tiles, sewer pipes and crocks. He later expanded his business to include more artistic majolica pieces as well as a commercially successful terra cotta chimney, designed by his son, William. Raab acquired customers throughout the country until his death in 1908. The business continued under the direction of Raab's widow, Johanna, and their daughter, Pauline. After Pauline Raab's death in 1940, the business was taken over by Mrs. John Lemmer, who operated it for eight years. The buildings were torn down in the 1950s.

A selection of Raab ceramic work is part of the permanent collection at the Cedar Falls Historical Society Museum and the tiny Rebecca jugs are available for purchase.

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