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First named Newell's Ford, for the original settler family, Finchford later was called Finch's Ford after J.L. Finch, who operated the first mill on the West Fork River. Finch's Ford eventually came to be known as Finchford.


John Barrack came to Cedar Falls with the Overman brothers in 1847. He later acquired land where a well-used trail crossed the Cedar River north of the falls. It was a good site for a dam and a mill, and Barrack platted a village, named after his wife, Jane.

  1. Sem Newell House
    East side of Finchford Road, just north of Finchford
  2. Newell Cemetery
    North side of Winslow Road between Finchford and Janesville
  3. Finchford School Site
    On Finchford Road in Finchford
  4. The Turkey Foot
    Between Cedar Falls and Janesville
  5. James Newell Homestead
    On the north side of Winslow Road (C-55 between Janesville and Finchford)
  6. Thunder Woman Park
    Entrances on Winslow Road or Finchford Road
  1. Pashby House
    On the NE corner of Pashby Road and Cedar Wapsi Road (C-57)
  2. Daniel Newell House
    On the south side of Winslow Road, just west of Newell Road
  3. Winslow Hotel
    On Winslow Road (C-55) at end of Union Road
  4. Finchford General Store
    Corner of Main and Burke Streets
  5. Burke/Du Mond "Josh Higgins" House
    Across the road from Finchford store
  6. Washington Chapel and Cemetery
    Corner of Bennington and Ford Roads

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