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Even with 30 years of experience in electronics and programming, it is still both fun and amazing to watch and participate in the integration of computers with our rapidly changing environment.

Design Services for Embedded Systems is the prime focus for Smartware Computing. And in that domain, Smartware specializes in small embedded devices - be they hand-held battery powered devices or small Internet Appliances. Your idea can be developed into a Product Prototype where you can see and use the first of a kind. Contact Smartware to discuss your needs. Take a look at some of the devices built for customers in the Hardware page.

For more cost effective first piece development, some find a Virtual Prototype is the best solution. Existing solely as a Windows PC program, you can interact with the simulated device long before a working unit might have existed. You can benefit from this more cost effective development technique when you're not quite sure what it will be, or how it behaves, until you see it. In this scenario, the design may undergo many iterations to get the right look, feel, and methods of interaction. Rebuilding a real prototype many times is prohibitively expensive, whereas with the virtual prototype it is not.

Software Analysis services are often hard to find. Let's say your business already has software skills, but you'd like an independent audit of some of your code. Smartware Computing can provide independent Software Analysis of your code. With the skills and the tools to review your existing software, Smartware Computing can review the software architecture and design and provide reports that provide indicators to the quality and maintainability of your software.

Perhaps your needs have outgrown the home or office environment. If you have caught the wave of Palm™ or Pocket PC based handhelds, and have a vision of an application running there, you can see that realized. Smartware Computing, in collaboration with DISTek Integration, has Palm™ development capability.

Home Automation is a rapidly growing use of the web. With readily available persistent web interfaces from home via cable modem, ISDN, and even Wireless technology, you can now connect your home to the world. Take a look at this simple home automation demo or explore some of the other possibilities.

To round out the PC area of support, Smartware Computing can provide Custom PC Programming services for small projects for the DOS or Windows environments. The most common Programming languages supported by Smartware Computing include C++, C, Visual Basic, and Perl. Some consultants also count HTML, VRML, GIF, PNG, and others as programming skills. Smartware Computing is competent in these areas as well, but recognizes them as File Formats, not programming languages.


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This résumé reads a bit more like a history of microprocessors, so I've also provided a more formal résumé as well as the history of Smartware Computing.

Some trademark names are shown with no intent to not give credit where due - Microsoft™, Palm™ (if I've missed others, please let me know)

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