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We installed an electric awning in the summer of 2003. With the touch of a remote control, out it comes to shed some shade on the hot side of the house. It is wholly supported from the side of the house as you can see. They say it can stand up to a lot of wind - but I'm not ready to find the limit yet.

We had to mount it about a foot and a half higher than I would have wanted. This is because there is only engineered beams across the top edge of the overhang (just below the awning). So, by moving up higher, we were able to tap into the studs in the walls. As a result of that, we adjusted the slope down further than we would have otherwise.

Here you can see it in frozen-action. Note the sun is already down pretty far (see the shadows under the eves).

One morning, I noticed we had left it out all night. This won't hurt it, so long as the wind stays well below its limit, but clearly we forgot to bring it in. So, I've automated that process with an X-10 controller with dry contacts, another remote, and a tiny bit of surgery to wire them together. Now, each evening, whether we remember or not, it will bring the awning in. If it is already in, nothing happens.