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Setting CedarNet's homepage to appear each time you logon
Click on Internet Explorer; then click on Tools. Click on Internet Options at the bottom of that list of commands. The first page to come up may have address highlighted, so that MSN's homepage will be the first page you see each time you connect to the Internet. To change it to CedarNet's webpage, replace it with

If you'd like to change your EMail Password:

You can access your account at CedarNet Mail Administration to change your password along with some other interesting features.

If you'd like to change your DialUp Password:

You will need to contact the CedarNet Office.

If you've lost your password:

You will need to contact the CedarNet office.

CedarNet will gladly reset your password for you one time. Additional password changes that the office must do will incur a nominal charge of $5 for processing. You may send your request along with a Self addressed stamped envelope to the office at:

CedarNet Inc.
3420 University Ave Suite E
Waterloo, Iowa 50701

You may also call the office at 233-5765. The office hours are Monday through Friday, from 1pm to 4pm.

You may also fax your request to us at 287-9445.

Sorry, but won't change passwords without confirming your identity. This is to protect your account.

Email Addresses - How do they work?
An e-mail address is made up of 3 parts. Example:

  1. helpdesk = username
    A username has no spaces or capital letters; first and last name of an e-mail address are often separated by an underline or a hyphen or are abbreviated
  2. @
    Always separtes the username from the domain name
  3. = domain
    A domain name is usually the name of a company, institution or organization. The domain name always includes a 3 letter extension, indicating the type of organization:
  • com = company or commercial organization
  • edu = educational institution
  • gov = nonmilitary government site
  • mil = military site
  • net = special network service
  • org = other organization, usually non-profit
  • biz = business
  • us = United States (there are other country abbreviations too)
  • ws = web site
Finding someone's address can often be an adventure. The best advice often is to call them on the phone and ask them. If they send you a message, you can use the Reply command to answer and the computer will (usually) build a correct address for them. There are some Internet white pages like Four11 White Page Directory

How do I view email attachments? Someone you know and trust has sent you an email indicating there is a file attached for you to view. **If you are not sure the attachment is safe, call the person who sent it to you and ask what it contains.**
You have tried clicking on the attachment and it did not open. Here are a couple of possibilities:

  1. If you are using Outlook Express, there is a setting that may prevent attachments from opening. Click on "Tools", select "Options", the click on the "Security" tab. UNcheck the box next to "Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus."
  2. The file may be a type that you do not have the correct software to open. Ask the sender to convert it to a simpler format, for instance, converting a Word .doc file into a .txt file, or a .tif image file into a .jgp image file.
  3. The file may have become corrupted in transit. Ask the sender to resend it.
  4. Your email software may have damaged files. Reinstall the program.
  5. Your computer may be infected with some kind of virus. Scan and fix using an anti-virus software, possibly reinstalling the email program once you are clean.

Can you help me search the Internet?
Try CedarNet's Search Page for a sampling of popular search engines.

These links contain good "how to search" resources:

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CedarNet is looking for your organization's webpage to be hosted or linked with us.

Last updated: Wednesday, April 28, 2004

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