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Here are a few useful pointers if you are going to use newgroups, sign up for mailing lists, or visit chat rooms.

Keep your voice down -
Using capital letters on the Internet is equivalent to screaming. Instead, use asteriks aroung the text to be emphasized.

Be succinct -
Keep it short. Use net abbreviations whenever possible

Don't post ads, chain letters, or business offers - unless the group or bulletin board was created for that purpose.

Stick to the topic - When entering an ongoing discusion, don't change the subject.

Request Forum and Newsgroup norms and mores - Observe before you participate. Make sure you've read the FAQ file before posting a message.

Respect your elders - Make sure you know who a newsgroup and forum's luminaries or elder statespersons are and show some respect for them.

Know your audience - Don't betray confidences or make offical pronouncements (unless it's your place to do so). Pay attention to who will see your message.

Avoid sarcasm and subtleties - They can be easily misunderstood in cyberspace; use emoticons instead ;-)

Keep it simple - Take responsibility if your are misunderstood; apologize and then restate your message clearly.

Avoid evangelism - Don't use Forums or Newsgroups as a personal soapbox.

The Internet crosses national boundaries - Keep in mind that values vary from nation to nation arond the world.

Promote your email address (caution: this may lead to extra junk email in your inbox)
Standard marketing methods may be utilized to point web surfers to your email ISP account such as:

  • Business Card
  • Letterhead
  • Newsletters
  • Press Releases
  • Brochures
  • Public Service Announcements (print, radio, television)
  • Yellow Page Ads
  • Newspaper articles and ads
  • Billboards

We are looking for your non-profit organization to be placed here.

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