Links to other musical groups in which our members participate:

Waterloo Municipal Band, Danny Galyen and Scott Muntefering, conductors:

New Horizons Band (seniors band), Diana Blake, conductor:

Metropolitan Brass, Merlin Grady, (319) 232-6297,
classical, jazz, dixieland, sacred and contemporary music

Musica Ficta Brass Quintet: Rob Shirk, (319) 233-1341,

Cedar Valley Big Band, Stephen Tripolino, (319) 268-0008,

Gaylord Stauffer, harpist, (319) 266-4657,
ceremonial and dinner music

Sugar Daddys Jazz Band: David Smith, (319) 404-7424,

The Saints Jazz Band: Paul Rider, (319) 268-1979,

California Street Saxes, Denise Lawrence, (319) 240-7497,

UNI School of Music events and ensembles:

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