The Band Plays On

History of the Cedar Falls Band

by Justin and Karen Nelson
ISBN 0-9629501-0-6

To celebrate the centennial year (1991) of the Cedar Falls Municipal Band a beautiful 321-page hard cover book was written by Justin and Karen Nelson: The Band Plays On: History of the Cedar Falls Band 1891-1991. This high grade publication is an excellent reference and source of band history which every Iowa library should have. Readers can enjoy hundreds of interesting photos, news articles, biographies, descriptive text, accountings, remembrances, and information.

Justin Nelson has played tuba in the band for over 50 years, and is band manager and a building trustee. He has also been featured occasionally on the ancient Sarrusophone. Karen Nelson was the band's historian and curator of the Iowa Band Museum. She began her research for this project while working on a graduate school term paper at the University of Northern Iowa. The Nelsons, with the aid and input of others in the community and band, have made the Cedar Falls Band history book a wonderful reality.

Excerpt written by Dr. Paul Rider which perhaps best describes the band and the spirit and content of the book: Reminiscences on the Cedar Falls Band

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