Numbers 13:30




Prayer Request


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To Submit a Prayer Request to Rev. Coleman

To Submit a Prayer Request to Pastoral Care

Ministry of Known Sick and Shut-ins

Sister Rosetta Austin Sis. Betty Chambers Sis. Ella Gross Brother John Hayes
Sis. Shirley Howard Bro. Henry Jackson Mother Velma Jackson

Sis. Mamie Johnson

Bro. Charles Myles Sis. Ida Mae Reed Sis. Rhoda Russell  

Ministry of Our Loved Ones in the Hospital




Ministry of Our Loved Ones In Nursing Homes


Ravenwood Rehab Center                                                                       Sister Dorothy Spain

                                                                                                              Bro. Elbert Pearson


Windsor Care Center                                                                              Sister Willie Sudduth

                                                                                                             Sister Cordie Smith



Manor Care Health Services                                                                   Sister Mary Dickens



Harmony House                                                                                    Bro. Derek Roberts


Parkview Nursing Home                                                                        Sister Vornese Givhan

Our deepest had heartfelt sympathies go out to the families of and other bereaved families in our community and surrounding areas.


Five Stations of Prayer

a.  In State and Out of State Churches

b.  International Churches

c.  Experiencing God

d.  Lost Souls

e.  National, State, Local and Antioch Leaders


How To Pray For Non-Christians


Fasting and Prayer


Duration of fast:   day, (5:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.)

Number of times per month:        2

Days of the month we will fast:   1st and 3rd Wednesdays
 5:30 AM Prayer Meeting of Group